Fine Art Prints

Our Fine-art Prints Will Make A Stunning Addition To Your Rooms.

Printed on Premium German Matte Photo Paper (230 GSM), Using Canon Lucia Archival inks, for a fade-resistant and bright white finish.


Available in 2 sizes as framed and un-framed pieces

Framed Prints

8 x 12 inches


16 x 24 inches


Print Only

8 x 12 inches


16 x 24 inches



Vintage camera prints

Explore our delightful selection of vintage photography prints, featuring iconic cameras...

Brought to life by the talented hands of independent artist Rohan Joglekar and Paying homage to some of the most iconic cameras from our past, choosing to feature signature models that shifted the photography landscape.  

These Limited Edition Prints are printed on artist quality paper and feature original artwork with intricate hand drawn detailing, illustrated exclusively for our 'Time Machine' series.


Rollie 35

Rollei 35


First introduced in 1966, this miniature viewfinder camera started the compact 35mm race.

Never before had such quality construction with as sharp a lens been combined in such a small package.

At the time of it's release it was the smallest full frame 35mm camera in the world and it started a revolution.

The Rollei 35 family turned out to be fabulously successful, with over two million sold in its various guises. 


Zorki 3


First to combine the rangefinder and viewfinder in one eyepiece.

They also feature diopter adjustment for eyeglass wearers and boast a top shutter speed of 1/1000 sec.

First made in 1954, the Zorki-3 was produced in small quantities and is quite uncommon now. Alsond it is the ONLY Zorki with a separate slow speed dial.

Leica - 1


The Camera that Changed Photography.

Launched in 1925, The Leica 1 is credited with establishing the 35mm handheld film camera.

It by no means the first 35mm camera, but at the time of its release it was still common for glass plates to be used in cameras, and cameras that took roll film were only thought of as miniatures.

But the Leica 1 was a full frame handheld camera and it was the first to make 35mm truly viable as a photo medium.

Leica M


First introduced in 1954, the M camera series is considered one of the finest 35mm cameras ever made.

At its release it was welcomed immediately and hailed as the best 35mm rangefinder camera in its class.

The Leica M series was produced during a period that most Leica-philes believe to be the absolute pinnacle of Leitz craftsmanship. They offered superb craftsmanship and great utility, and it took many years for the competition to catch up to the sales and success of the M series.



 In 1960, the U.S. Army contracted Leitz to build a batch of M2 cameras

These incorporates a faster film loading mechanism, known as the rapid-load 3-prong take-up spool. These special order cameras were designated as Leica M2S.

The Army cancelled its order for the last 2,000 M2S cameras. These were then rebranded and sold to the general public as the Leica M2-R by Leitz New York in 1969. 




A professional level, interchangeable lens, 35 mm film, rangefinder camera.

Released in March of 1958, as the fourth in the S rangefinder series and the junior version of the sophisticated Nikon SP.

The S3 is an expertly-crafted, all-metal masterpiece with a life-size viewfinder that makes it easier to compose great shots. At the time of it's release it had one of the best rangefinders and viewfinders on the market.


From the Artist:

I am an illustrator and painter of realistic and surrealist styles.
Through my art, I try create worlds that parallel reality and to question the hierarchies in its beliefs, with compositions that bend the limits of reason. Ink, watercolour and acrylic paints on paper and canvas help me manifest visual narratives that mirror contemporary culture.

I see cameras as performing a similar task in society and are pieces of art by themselves.

- Rohan Joglekar

** Made to Order **

Please Note that our Fine Art Prints and Framed Prints are custom made on order and can take an additional 3-5 days to process.

  • All Prints come with 1” extra border for framing. 
  • Every frame and print is checked twice and we take time to ensure the frames are crafted to fit your selected print to perfection. 
  • All frames are made of the highest quality moulding and come shipped in sturdy packaging, ready to hang. 
  • We offer an elegant black frame, which is modern and minimalist, allowing all focus to be on the art. If you would like a white frame, please leave us a message at team@kingdomofcalm.com

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